Issue 02: Reunited in Beijing

This issue curated by Gueorgui

Literally a couple of months after we first met, I (Gueorgui) had to leave on a long-planned two-month trip that took me to Asia, including a month in Beijing, where I was due to work on a photography project.

After spending 3 weeks apart, which we dealt with by working on yet another project together, we couldn't take the long distance and its stresses anymore — Tingyi flew to Beijing, and we were reunited. Her presence illuminated this massive, not-overly-foreigner-friendly city for me. Not only was she a huge help for the project work, but, with her being a Mandarin speaker, together we could access corners of Beijing that I otherwise would never have been able to experience.

Our days were shared between cafes where we worked, moving around the city for meetings with project interviewees and photoshoots, exploring, and occasionally treating ourselves to a meal at Din Tai Fung (my favourite Taiwanese restaurant, though some might scoff at that idea!)

In the small moments in between all this, I was also, unbeknownst to Tingyi, plotting my proposal. But that's a story for another time!

See you next week,


Tingyi and Gueorgui

Bonus: T’s music recommendation

This week's music recommendation is It Was Warmer Then by Helios: a track radiating warmth and a smooth, quiet contentment, which matches the relaxed enjoyment we felt during our time together in Beijing. You can't always run — sometimes, it's nice to take a leisurely stroll.