A technical interlude

Announcing a couple of things

Hi friends!

The Luckiest Kids In The Whole World will resume next week, but for now we have a couple of announcements around the project.

A zine!

We will release a short zine of photos from the project coinciding with Offprint London at Tate Modern (18, 19, 20 May 2019). The zine will be available to buy at Offprint, and online the following day. It will be printed in limited quantities, and we’ll announce on this mailing list as soon as it’s ready for purchase, so keep an eye out.

A show!

We will show prints from the project at the Royal College of Art Show 2019 at the RCA Battersea campus, which will be open to the public from Saturday 29 June to Sunday 7 July (except Wednesday 3 July). We hope to see you there!

Have a great week ahead,

Tingyi & Gueorgui